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Tom 'Tom' Bass Headshot 150x150px

Tom "Tom" Bass

Drums & Percussion


Back in 1999, Tom, who had always fancied himself one of the most sophisticated and technical air-drummers in Southern California, actually got a drum set. It was an old Slingerland kit. Late 60’s. Most of the bearing edges on the shells were shot. Hoops weren’t round… needed all new heads. Hardware was for crap. No cymbals. It was a mess… but, hey! It was a start.

By 2000, Tom had decided it was time to get a kit he could tune, so he trucked on down to the local Big-Box Music Store, and got himself a proper 5-piece kit. A Pearl Export. Nothing fancy, but parsecs ahead of the old Slingerland. It was around this time, that Tom was noticed by Shades of Blues Guitarist and Vocalist Kelly Dack. Kelly invited Tom to sit in on a weekend session. Tom met the other guys in Shades, including Palm Springs guitar sensation Norm Phares. Shades, it turned out, was an occasional project band, but Norm was interested in more regular jamming.

By mid-2001, Tom was driving out to Palm Springs to jam/rehearse with Norm and others on a weekly basis.

Tom had also caught the eye (or ear) of Paul Tourville (Lead Guitar for Dummyhead), who immediately chastised Jim Bass (longtime Dummyhead bassist, and brother of Tom) for never mentioning that his brother played drums. Jim replied, “I am not my brother’s keeper.”

Since then, Tom has been Dummyhead’s Drummer.

Tom’s Rig:

  • Alesis DM5-Kit, with the following modifications:
    • Additional Alesis cymbal (3) and drum(2) pads
    • Pintech Concertcast ST Snare Pad
    • Pintech PC14 Hi-Hat
    • Pintech Hi-Hat Pedal
    • Gibraltar rack
    • DW 7000 Dual Bass-Drum Pedal
  • Amp: None. Tom plays DI
  • Effects:
    • What are those?

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Tom’s Team Jersey

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