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Rick Burrito Supreme 300x400px

Rick "Burrito" Supreme

Organ, Keyboards, Backing Vocals


Rick’s a little crazy. Not “driving motorcycles into the pool at the hotel” crazy… Just a little… “funny”.

Nobody knew why his nickname was Burrito, until the band stopped at Taco Bell. Now they wish they didn’t know.

We’re still trying to get details out of Rick, but he just keeps making bad puns about his instrument and his name, followed by a quick, but exaggerated palm glissando in his Hammond.

One thing we have noticed is that his girlfriend seems to dig him. A lot.

Rick’s Rig:

  • Keyboards:
    • Suzuki/Hammond XK-2
    • M-Audio Keystation 49e
    • Yamaha QY-10
  • Amp: None. Rick plays DI
  • Effects:
    • What are those?

Rick’s Team Sweatshirt
Rick’s Team Jersey

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