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Julio Reid Headshot 150x150px

Julio Reid

Lead Vocals, Guitars, Percussion


Julio Reid got his start as a DJ in the late 1980’s, and ended up working at the same Connecticut radio station as Paul Tourville. What luck! Julio did a lot of the local commercials, in fact there are probably still carts floating around there bearing his mark.

Julio tried his luck singing with Bathroom Humour (an early venture involving Paul Tourville and Lance Davis), but really didn’t seem to have what it took at the time. Julio held a series of dead-end day jobs, while working on his chops, while Paul was off doing Navy-ish things. Their paths crossed again in 1999, when they began passing recordings back and forth across the continent. Julio appeared on a number of Dummyhead recordings made while Paul was living in California. When Paul moved back to New England in 2003, Julio signed on as a regular Dummyhead member.

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