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Jameson Precision Bass 300x400

Jameson "Precision" Bass



Friends with Paul Tourville, Dummyhead’s Lead Guitarist, since junior high school, Jameson “Precision” Bass (or “Jim”… or “Jimbo”… or “James”) always wanted to do something musical, but it usually involved refried beans or garlic. They really didn’t start working together musically (at least in a semi-serious fashion) until 1990. Jim and Paul joined forces with Connecticut blues keyboard wizard Lance Davis to form Bathroom Humour. Over the course of a year, they wrote and recorded a 12-cut album, titled “Deadly Vapour” (now out of print)

After Paul’s Navy stint, he and Jim teamed back up again, to form Dummyhead, along with Julio Reid.

Jim’s Rig:

  • Guitars:
    • LTD B-105
  • Amp: Peavy Basic 12
  • Effects:
    • What are those?

Jim’s Team Sweatshirt
Jim’s Team Jersey

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