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Buck B. Bagawk 300x400

Buck B. Bagawk

Rhythm and Harmony Guitars, Special Guitar Effects, Backing Vocals, Unnecessary Guitars, More Guitars


Buck first appeared on a Dummyhead recording in 1999, on the single “Susan, Sister Sue”, playing acoustic guitar. From then, until 2004, Buck has crossed paths with Dummyhead a number of times, but in August, 2004, he decided to join the band full-time.

Buck’s a little weird and unconventional, but friendly. Just don’t tell him he can’t play rhythm on the bridge pickup. Whatever you do, don’t tell him that. No, really.

…you told him, didn’t you? *sigh*

Buck’s Rig:

  • Guitars:
    • Squier Strat (custom triple-humbucker unit)
    • Squier Stratocaster
    • Johnson “Telecopy”
    • Applause AE-48
  • Amp: Epiphone Firefly DSP 30
  • Effects:
    • What are those?

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Buck’s Team Jersey

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